The Funniest Instagram-Facebook Tweets

Facebook just acquired Instagram and the best place to get that news was, of course, Twitter. A number of hilarious reactions emerged and I decided to share some from my timeline here. Have a good laugh!

RT @: BREAKING NEWS: Pinboard acquires medium coffee at a $1.50 valuation. Believe this will have sitewide benefits; excited go ...
Arpit Kumar
RT @: 1 billion for Instagram is like paying 10,000 Rs for a pack of lays chips.
Facebook: "We want to buy you. What price is cool with you?" Instagram: "You know what's cool?"
Andre Kibbe
RT @: Instagram is now in a relationship and it's complicated.
Chris Anderson
RT @: "Please give us all your users' data." "No way!" "Here's a billion dollars." "Well in that case... We have image filters too."
Brian Gardner
RT @: Instabook. Facegram. Instaface. Instacebook. Factagram. Facebooam. Instagrook. Inook. Facram. Faceram. Ink.
Clinton Jeff
RT @: So does this mean my Facebook timeline is going to be full of images of locks, windows and other useless objects shot ...
Madhu 'MadMan' Menon
RT @: Wonder which pisses Instagram users off more: release of Android version or news of Facebook acquisition?
Vikas SN
What to expect with the new Instagram/Facebook acquisition:
Sean Percival


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  1. says

    I think @nestguy’s tweet is the funniest. But all joking aside, I think Facebook buying Instagram was a good move,