Six Best Firefox-3 Add Ons For Images

Firefox is known for its cool and exquisite add ons and when it comes to playing with images online, there are a lot of such extensions available. However not all those add ons are compatible with Firefox 3 and not each one of them delivers the desired user experience.

Hence I decided to pick six add ons out of the available add ons for images. These six are really awesome and also compatible with the latest version of Firefox.

1. FoxSaver

FoxSaver is an awesome photo add on which converts your firefox browser to a screensaver / digital photo frame. After installing it, you get a small FoxSaver button in your status bar from where you can initiate it. It also supports Media RSS. I was very impressed by this add on without a doubt. You have to use it to experience it.


2. Piclens

I’ve already talked about Piclens in my post on incredible tools to browse Flickr photos and since I’m talking about the best firefox add ons for images, I am compelled to mention it again. It’s an amazing 3D graphic tool and definitely a must try.


3. Save Image in Folder

The Save Image in Folder firefox add on executes a very simple but very useful task. It adds an option to your right-click through which you can directly save an online image to your computer. You will first have to create or assign a particular folder in the add on options so that you can directly save the images to that folder. And if you are looking for license free stock images then check these stock photo websites to find such images.

4. Picnik

The Picnik add on makes online image editing quick and easy by adding menu options and toolbar icon directly import and edit the image in the well known web based image editor’s interface.

Picnik add on

5. Image Zoom

Image Zoom adds a one click zoom functionality to images on the web. You could either use the options in the right click (context menu) or a combination of mouse buttons and scroll wheel. It works seamlessly with the latest firefox version.

Image Zoom

6. Better Flickr

Last but by no means the least, the better flickr firefox extension developed by the amazing LifeHacker team adds a host of extra menu options to Flickr like more user links, photo magnifier and thumbnails enhancer. You can read a detailed explanation of it’s features here.

I hope you like these cool extensions. If you know about other such image related add ons which are compatible with the latest version of firefox then let’s hear about them in the comments.

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