The Right Approach to Web Marketing

I have always believed that marketing without selling your soul is possible. You need not resort to questionable tactics to sell your product. Earning trust the right way is how you should go about it. And that requires time, patience, consistency, persistence and willingness to be in the game for the long haul. [Read more…]

Lack of Context

Saw this tweet from Brian yesterday.

This why twitter is flawed. You can treat it as a narrative stream all you want, but people react to the most recent tweet with no context.
Brian Clark

Quite true. It also applies to our lives, isn’t it? We tend to assume and draw conclusions from a sentence, a look, a sound, an¬†appearance, a situation or a moment. We rarely care about the context. If we did, life wouldn’t be so much fun, right? You know, less misunderstandings, more respect for the individual, less conspiracy theories, constructive curiosity…who needs all that simplicity!

The Easy Route

1. A few weeks ago, I received a guest post request for GT Mobiles. The request was by someone whom one can call an active blogger, someone who maintains more than 1 blog and regularly interacts with other bloggers on Twitter, Facebook etc. I had interacted with him too, so I knew who he was. He had also actively commented on articles on Guiding Tech in the past.

So, when I received a request from him regarding a guest post, I readily agreed. I assumed he was a genuine blogger so I didn’t have to worry about the content.

I assumed he was genuine. [Read more…]

On Eliminating Distractions

Seth Godin published a nice post few days ago where he talked about doing actual work by eliminating distractions. He proposed a two-device solution where one device would be reserved for hardcore work, and other for fun activities.

For those who do not have an iPad or another device, I have an idea [Read more…]