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On Leadership and Attracting Followers

Here’s an excellent video on leadership that I came across today. It was played by Derek Sivers at the TED conference. Probably the best video I’ve seen on leadership yet.

What do you think? True, isn’t it?

  • Lona


  • http://www.shoutmeloud.com Harsh Agrawal

    Must say it's a great video and should be watch by all Entrepreneur.. It's so true that to become a leader , you have to stand alone and be confident enough that people will follow you…

    Nice find Jeet!!

    • Abhijeet

      Yep, it is a must watch for aspiring as well as established entrepreneurs. Thanks!

    • http://thesophiedavis.com Sophie Davis

      absolutely agree. being a leader is lonely at first and that's when persistence comes in the game!

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  • http://idea2log.com/ Miramar

    Lol, amazing video :D

  • http://www.greatindianblog.com Sandeep Soni

    The Video is too good. I think everone must watch this video

  • http://opwomensoutdoor.org Women’s Busine

    That's great video. Like it

  • http://reviewofweb.com Ankur

    Seth Godin embedded this video almost an year ago on his blog.

  • http://www.matthewlordconsulting.com Atlanta Web Marketin

    Really enjoyed the video. I had seen it before, but it is always a reminder that being a leader can be lonely at times, but so worth it!

  • Lona