On Eliminating Distractions

Seth Godin published a nice post few days ago where he talked about doing actual work by eliminating distractions. He proposed a two-device solution where one device would be reserved for hardcore work, and other for fun activities.

For those who do not have an iPad or another device, I have an idea – use different user profiles on your computer. One for work, and other for fun. You could also block sites like YouTube and Facebook on the work profile if you cannot resist visiting them while doing something important.

The thing about using separate profiles is that you can not only block sites but even distracting software, browser extensions and much more. Obviously, you would need to know what distracts you. It might not be very easy initially to figure out. But once you do, you can mass-block those on your work profile.

And when you need to take a break, and have fun, just switch to the other profile. That also ensures that work doesn’t come in the way of your fun time. Sounds good?

So, how do you eliminate distractions while working?

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  1. says

    Interesting thoughts. I think using something like Rescue Time is just helpful because at the end of the day, you can track where your time is and course correct. Turning something off completely just makes you want it more.