Do You Know Your Blog’s Goals?

What are your blog’s goals? More importantly, do you really know what they are?

Is it making more money through Adsense or other types of ads?

Is it getting more RSS subscribers? Email sign ups maybe?

More traffic? From where? Google?..No? Then?

Conversions? .. What kind of conversions?

Whatever optimization techniques or conversion tactics you are looking to execute, it is going to be nothing but shooting in the dark if you don’t know your blog’s goals.

Tracking everything just because it can be tracked is a sheer waste of time. Understand the goals first. Prioritize them. Then execute tasks accordingly and track them.

Keep in mind that your goals maybe entirely different from that of the blogger next door. If you are looking to have your readers click on ads and make you more money that way, you shouldn’t be as worried about the bounce rate as he might be.

Get the picture?

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