About Abhijeet

Abhijeet MukherjeeAbhijeet Mukherjee is a web publisher and runs various blogs for a living. One of his main properties is Guiding Tech, a popular tech how-to blog. This blog is his personal blog where he likes to pen down his thoughts on web publishing, social media, technology and anything else he feels like writing about.

He took the self-employment plunge in early 2008 and started with this blog, and also freelanced for various top blogs mainly in the tech and productivity niche, like MakeUseOf, Dumb Little Man, Freelance Folder and many more. His guest posts have appeared on well known blogs like Problogger. He was also very active in social media and used to be a Digg power user at the time when Digg was all the rage in the web 2.0 world.

He has also dabbled around with affiliate marketing and niche sites, and at one point was deep into running all kinds of Adwords campaigns. He finally decided to focus on what he started with – running sites that produce quality content and that’s what he does these days.

His articles on Guiding Tech and other sites have been syndicated by top online publications like The Business Insider. He has also had his share of press mentions and The Hindustan Times (HT) profiled him in their HT Brunch magazine.

You can find him on TwitterFacebook and Google+.

You could also email him at abhijeet at jeetblog dot com.

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